Sunday, June 6, 2010

5th June Solo and Group Act

Hope you all like 5th June group act of Patti Rap and
solo of ruturaj -terenaina. give me your feedback on
the act.


  1. sir it would be nice iof u starting postig some dance viddeos on youtube

  2. Sir it was good...but come up with more powerful acts on fridays..

    donot underestimate jitu...give him some romantic numbers to do as well:)

  3. hey dharmesh you must add some more pictures and videos.

  4. Hi Dharmesh Sir! You & Your All The "Dhinckak" Gang is RoCkInG The Dance Floor!!
    All The Best for your Gang's next all performances...
    I hope Khyati will come soon!
    Best of Luck 2 All :) :) :)

  5. tere naina was awsum choreography!!!! pls work ahead on it....if i may suggest, try mixing and matching song n dance dance genere lik tere naina'll giv a cutting edge ;)

  6. Your version of "Patti Rap" was very intricately choreographed, and much appreciated because that is something you do extremely well! In fact, I don't think anyone can catch beats better than you do! It was really very entertaining. There was not a dull moment in the entire performance because your kids do such an amazing job with their expressions!!!!! And I have noticed that Vaishnavi has started to match Ruturaj's dancing skills! (Albeit indefinitely because of your training!). Jeetu Moni has started to stand out now as well because of his priceless expressions and even his dancing is getting better and better.
    Good luck to you and your team for your future performances! A big hug to you and Ruturaj, Vaishnavi and Jeetu Moni :)

  7. it was awesummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. it was awesummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  9. Hey, loved the performances!!
    Especially Ruturaj's solo, and then when you performed with him.. miss watching you dance!
    All the best to you and your group!!
    Archna, x

  10. best of luck.... both u n dhinchaks r gr8.
    lots of luv n wishes,

  11. Hello Dharmesh Sir

    I am a big fan of yours but one thing I just wanna say that you did to Khayati..exactly what Geeta did to made her eliminate...but I am sure she will come dont make that mistake again..!! Give them much more powerful..string and tough dancing..they are your Dhinchaks..they will pull that off.>!

    Good luck!

  12. Hi! Dharmesh sir:

    Ruturaj Solo was excellent. But I always feel that ur Dhinchak's dance is always short, hardly 3 minutes. Others have longer dance. Give them tough choreography. I want Jnana to enter through wild card. Jitumoni was outstanding in Patti Rap!!! Best of Luck for this week!!

    Also please add some pictures, latest videos etc.

  13. Sir you are simply amazing. I myself have never danced before in my life, but you are inspiring me to learn. Would you happen to have any advice for me?

  14. Ruturaj was fantastic!! probably because the choreography was fantastic! Other than Ruturaj dropping the hat, his performance was near perfect and well done for not underestimating his talent.

    Patti Rap was very entertaining too and very enjoyable but it would be even better if you gave the kids more intricate and technically difficult choreography to show their full potential.

    Can't wait for next week's performances! by the way, anyone know where Mithun Da has disappeared to?!

  15. That's something that I would like to know as well! Where in the world is Mithun da? :)

  16. Hi Dgarmesh Sir yes Patti Rap was very very entertaining and also enjoyable nd Ruturaj solo performance there isn't any comment to say just terrific he matched u as same after long time we got a chance to see ur style ur every beat, every movement nooneeeeeeeeee........ can litterly touch u also noone i think best best choreographer like Remo sir also ur street movement just kill us nd well done 4 not undersestimating Ruturaj talent plz again don't do the mistake which u have done with Khayati as same as Geeta Ma have done with u nd u were eliminate plz give them more nd more best choregraphy nd show their full potential nd their talent so "ALL THE VERY VERY BEST 4 UR NEXT PERFORMANCE" luvvvvv........uuuuuuuu......sir......

  17. hello sir,
    i jst wanna say dat it was a stupendofantabulousyfantastic performance.

  18. Dharmesh Sir,
    I totally loved the Pattirap and Tere naina even more... it is so beautiful, I think it was unfair ur team did not get performance of the day but who cares... we all love u more than any other skipper.. all of us know that.
    I think improvements could include few stunt acts for Jitu and more complex dance steps. More formations when we do group dance. Your team is the strongest and u will win it.... superb energy level

  19. sir, kya zabardast performance di hai 11th june mein!! lovely duets...what diversity in style and kya improvement hai bachhon mein; choreography bahut mast thi superheroes ki... love to see u and ur choreography
    kaash apka number mil jaata sir, mein roj sms karti aapko....kabhi USA aayiye sir, to zaroor mulakat hogi; English mein khud sikha dungi
    Sir US se kuch magwana ho to please email me at
    love ya

  20. sir,
    kya zabardast performance thi aapke team ki 11th june mein, maja aagaya; wo superhero k duets kamal the...kya improvement hai aur kys choreography hai; future mein bhi sab dekhne ko mile
    Sir kaash aapki phone number mere paas hota to roj sms karti; kabhi USA aaoge sir to zaroor mulakat hogi; English mein khud sikha dungi! Sir US se kuch magwana ho to email me at
    mein post se bhej dungi...
    love u sir

  21. Hi Dharmesh,

    I enjoyed all of your performances until now
    Just love to see you dance
    All The best and lots of love..

  22. Hello, I'm from the Philippines. And I'm a big fan of you, your choreography AND your dancing skills.:) I love Ruturaj ever since his audition in DID Lil Masters. And I really love his "Tere Naina" performance! It's the best solo act I've seen since the first episode. It was really awesome! And you performing it with him was so amazing! :)

    I'm looking forward to the following episodes of DID. In my opinion, you have the best/strongest lot of dancers in the contest. Rutu is my favorite, Vaisnavi is so cute, good and graceful and Jitu is improving very well. I really hope your team wins. :)

    By the way, is there any way for me to get a copy of the Tere Naina remix? Because it was so beautiful.:) Can anyone give me a copy or a link where I can download it? Pretty please? :D

    I really hope you read this, Sir Dharmesh! I wish you all the luck in the contest and in life. Take care always! God bless!